I have been honoured as a brand ambassador for H&Y since 2019. I am amazed with the innovative mechanism i. e. the magnetic holder and drop-in installation of polarizer. The gorilla glass quality prevents damage and scratches in case of accidental dropping. The high quality German glass and neutrality of ND filter hardly produces any trouble with color cast. I don't even require any color-correction during post processing. These features make it more worthy and superior in quality. Dibyendu Das (H&Y Ambassador, Photographers Blog Instructor, Adventure Photographer) To me, filters for landscape photography need to excel in two areas: robust enough to use in the mountains and on the coast and also be able to produce exemplary images. The H&Y system ticks both these boxes and has the added bonus of being easy to use. These filters are an integral part of my setup. They allow me to be confident in the images I produce and be able to focus on my creativity while out shooting! Eugene (H&Y Ambassador, landscape Photographer) I am a passionate landscape photographer from Germany - born in 1976, in Amberg / Opf. I love it - to capturing the perfect moment and being in the right place at the right time. I love traveling to wonderful places in the world and the related adventures. For my landscape shots and workshops, I always use GND or/and ND filters to get what I want - a stunning image. Since 2019 I’m outside with the H&Y filter equipment and I’m very happy with it. It’s very simple and fast to change and fix the filter at the magnetic filter holder in front of the lens. I like it! Christian Ringer (H&Y Ambassador, Fujifilm-X Photographer & School Instructor) I always love to push myself to explore every possible interactions of people and the environment. Working with H&Y filters allows me to capture unexpected geographical features & human-environment interaction because its versatility gives me great ease to shot in various photographic situations. As it is lightweight, robust & works with most lenses, the H&Y filter system offers new dimensions of photographic discovery while retaining an incredible amount of texture, detail and colour accuracy. Jacky Chu LRPS (H&Y Ambassador, Award-winning Geo-photographer, Columnist) After working for a decade with many different filters & holders, finally with H&Y I found the most innovative holder on the market, allowing me to work fast and efficiently in the field, coupled with the best filters available. H&Y filters consistently came out first in my optical tests, while no holder offers the ease of use and flexibility of the H&Y magnetic holder. The magnetic frames are a lifesaver in helping me to keep fingerprints off my filters, and make working in the field a breeze, even with strong winds and bad weather. Switching to H&Y was a no-brainer for me! VIERI BOTTAZZINI (f-stop Gear Staff Pro & Ambassador, Qualified Associate of the BIPP) Creating the impossible in reality into videos are what my contents are about. My name is Ben Mok a Video Creator / Visual effects Artist from Hong Kong, I mainly create Visual Effects and creative short videos. I started creating videos since 2016. Until 2021, I decided to up my game and take it a step further with my content, I started making Visual effects, making the impossible possible in my videos, it’s like performing magic through the screen. But there was one thing I couldn’t do without to make it all happen and it’s the quality of film, I do a lot of outdoor shooting whether it is creating cinematic videos or Visual effects, H&Y filter is what I always carry around to do shoot and runs. What I see different from others to H&Y is the revolution of filters, H&Y always gives a new way, a more portable way to let creators produce better quality works. Now H&Y has started a new journey on filmmaking, and as the H&Y video ambassador I believe that we can create a new revolution in video creating again! Ben Mok (Visual Effect Artist)) I started as a photographer. In the photography journey, I realised that I would like to inspire people who share similar interests with me, so I started to creat content on Youtube and record photography BTS and tutorials. I have been using H&Y Filters for a long time and I love the quality of their filters. Ling (Landscape Photographer, Influencer)