H&Y Magnetic Holder Cap

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  • Magnetically attaches to all H&Y Magnetic Filter Holders
  • Compatible to all 5 Laowa lenses special holders
  • Compatible to special holders for Fujifilm 8-16mm and Olympus 7-14mm lens
  • CNC Machined from lightweight aluminum
  • Soft velvet lining on the lens facing end
  • Finished in a matte black anodizing
  • shooting outside in unpredicted elements
  • Keep the lens out from dust and scratched when the holder is up
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H&Y | Holder Cap

Aligned with K-series Magnetic filter system, the Cap is made of light-weight and tough CNC Machined Aircraft-grade Aluminium. A computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine controls the operation of machine tools, to shape the metal into parts that meet exact specifications. The H&Y Holder Caps are made with minimal deviation mechanically.


Simplified Operations

Magnets are embedded on the sides of the cap to achieve strong and solid magnetic force. Simply one-clip, the holder cap is on and the lens with the holder on is immediately under protection. Photographers can thus travel with the holder safely.

Effortless Single Hand Operation

Background about K-series Magnetic Holder System

H&Y K-series Magnetic Filter System was the first-ever patented magnetic system ever designed for square filters. Magnets on the holder and magnets on filter frames engage filters and holders together. Apart from the traditional slot-in system, trouble-free one-snap filter installation allows you to stack as many filters as you need. The system is highly durable – The impact of filter dropping will be absorbed by the filter frames. The gapless design allows no light leak.

Once you experienced the magnetic convenience, NEVER will you miss your old slot-in system again. 

Photographers can operate the system easily even with gloves on or by a single hand. H&Y K-series filter system maximizes the creation flexibility of photographers in all environments.


Drop-in Filters

Drop-in Filters 

Aid of the Use of Rectangular Filters

In addition to our 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters, you can drop in one 95mm circular filter encased in a lightweight aluminium frame. This adds additional versatility when shooting in a multitude of categories within photography and videography by being able to use Circular Polarising filters, as well as solid Neutral Density including 6 and10 stops for long exposure photography and depth-of-field control, all of this is possible while stacking multiple graduated filters using our patented magnetic holder system.

Benefits of Using Drop-in Filters

  • Amazing combinations of filter choices can be made with rectangular filter
  • Easy switch between CPL/ ND/ CPL&ND/ Night Filters
  • Reframing/ recomposing a picture becomes very easy (ND filter can be removed at anytime)
  • Highly rotatable CPL even with rectangular filter installed

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