H&Y Magnetic Circular UV Filter Kit


  • Includes a mgnetic UV filter
  • HD Technology Applied
  • German Schott B270 Glass
  • Water and Oil Repellent coating
  • Protect lens surface from water, dust, and scratches


H&Y | Magnetic Circular UV Filter Kit


H&Y Magnetic Circlar UV Filter is a light and portable option for photographers to carry everywhere else with them, aiding both photography and filmmaking work. This UV filter can act as a base for the multiple use of other magnetic circular filters, so users will not need to mount on an magnetic adapter but only the UV filter.

H&Y Magnetic Circular Filters


Water and oil-resistant coating is applied to make the cleaning process effortlessly easy. As shown in the above testing results, water will dry out and become stinks on filters without water-repellent coating, while water will stay in the form of droplets and still be easy to clean after a long period of time.


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