H&Y K-series MRC StarKeeper 95mm Drop-in Night Filter

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Helps reduce the appearance of light pollution when shooting at night with your photo or video, removing illumination from artificial light sources such as street lights.

  • Astrophotography filter makes the stars pop when shooting at night with clear skies
  • 95mm drop-in filter
  • Made using high quality SCHOTT B270 glass
  • Even light attenuation
  • Double-sided vacuum coatings
  • Only work with K-series universal holder




MRC StarKeeper | Night Filter


The H&Y StarKeeper Night Filter is made up of glass constructed by the oxidization of the chemical Neodymium, creating a purple/blue effect that absorbs yellow sodium-vapor, mercury-vapor, and yellow light from low CRI LED’s. By absorbing this unwanted light, the contrast will be increased and stars will appear more visible and defined – giving you that “pop” when shooting into clear skies at night.

More visible and defined stars by H&Y StarKeeper

Photographer: Dibyendu Das


Before and After Using H&Y StarKeeper Night Filter

  • 9-Layer Multi-Coating,
  • Optical Glass

Neodymium glass night time filter for Astrophotography

– to makes the stars pop

Simple Operation

Drop-in Filters 

Aid of the Use of Rectangular Filters


In addition to our 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters, you can drop in a 95mm circular filter encased in a lightweight aluminum frame. This adds additional versatility to photography. In a multitude of categories within photography and videography, by being able to use Circular Polarising filters, as well as solid ND filters including 6 and 10 stops. Long exposure photography and better depth-of-field control would be possible while stacking multiple graduated filters using our patented magnetic holder system.


H&Y K-series Drop-in ND Filter |  H&Y K-series Drop-in ND CPL Filter |  H&Y K-series Drop-in CPL Filter

Once you experienced the magnetic convenience, NEVER will you miss your old slot-in system again. 

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