H&Y REVORING with Polariser and VND Variable Step Adapter


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  • REVORING features unique self retracting blade technology with threaded ends to secure on the front of your lens
  • Each threaded end has been designed to overlap therefore completely removing any possibility of light leak.
  • The REVORING Variable Neutral Density has a dynamic range of ND3 to ND1000, in photographic terms, this equates to 1.5 – 10 stops of light control!
  • All REVORING products are made using Architectural grade Aluminum, keeping it lightweight and tough. The anodized finish also protects the ring from corrosion when shooting outside in unpredicted elements.
  • 46-62mm, 58-77mm, or 67-82mm use 67-82mm Bridge Ring to connect to Swift accessaries
  • 82-95mm uses 82-95mm Bridge Ring to connect to Swift accessaries
  • Available in filter thread 37-49mm, 46-62mm, 58-77, 67-82mm & 82-95mm


REVORING with Polariser and VND

REVORING with polariser and VND, is a groundbreaking innovation in maximising the creation of photographers and videographers. The well-designed retractable blades mount solidly on the lens. Glass-wise, with high-quality German SCHOOT glass and 9 layers of anti-water and fingerprint coatings.


A size-adjustable adapter ring that fits lenses of different filter threads.


The Most Convenient Adapter Ring Ever

Glass & Coating 

9 Layers of Anti-Fingerprint & Waterproof Nano-Coating on German Schott B270® glass

The German Schott B270® glass is used in making the Polariser and VND filter. It includes Anti-Reflective coatings, which virtually eliminate all flare and reflections from the front and rear surfaces. This helps visible light to pass through the glass by removing unwanted reflections, giving the user the best possible light transmission (up to 97%), optimizing images for the sharpest possible outcome. Whether shooting at 16mm or 400mm, the glass and coatings used in our system produce sharp images, even at light reductions of up 10 stops.


Features on REVORING

Revoring with polarizer and VND

Matt black anodized finish allows prolonged protection of the ring’s metal from oxidation. Architectural 6063 light but tough aluminum was used for making the durable bodies of the ring. 4 filters sizes are offered for 4 ranges of lenses: 37-49mm, 46-62mm, 58-77 & 67-82mm


Easy Operation

Revoring with Polariser and VND

One twist, further rotate until finger-tight, and then your ring is good to go!

Having full use of the ring, firstly, you MUST set your desired ND level by moving the outer pin. Secondly, you leave the ND pin moving along while you adjusting the polariser pin to get the optimised polarising effect. The sequence cannot be reversed.

Saving Space

Revoring with polarizer and VND

Bringing alone the Revoring with polariser and VND, you are then allowed to shortlist your travel gear to just ONE filter. No more trouble caused of storing the loose rings.


Saving Time

Switching filters from one lens to another could be time-consuming. Our ring will simply ease the pain by untwisting and twisting.


What Our VND can do for you?


What Our polariser can do for you?


What is Cross-Polarisation?

The Magnetic Clip-on filter was developed with the sole purpose to solve the cross-polarisation problem happened on traditional variable ND filters. Cross Polarisation is a physical phenomenon of all VND filters when paired up with wide angle lens. It makes an obvious “X-pattern” darken on the image. The wider the lens is, the earlier the “X-pattern” starts to appear.

To solve this problem, wide-angle lens users may now use the H&Y magnetic clip-on ND together with the H&Y Revoring VND filters to achieve the higher ND stop with no X-pattern seen.  For instance, to use a 16mm lens with 10-stop ND, users can turn the ND level to 1.5 stop (on the Revoring VND filter) and use an extra 8.5 stop (Clip-on ND) to achieve a 10-stop long exposure effect.

**Based on the test results, we came up with the above table as a reference to illustrate the relationship between the focal length and usable ND stops. The actual situation will vary a bit from the reference due to different lens designs and optical structures.




Variable adapter

Variable Adapter with VND+CPL



Revoring – The Variable Adapter Ring |  Magnetic Caps |  Bundle Set


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