Swift Magnetic Drop-in Filter Rack

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  • Swift System (B) module
  • Base rack compatible with (A) modules like Magnetic Variable Adapters except for size 82-95mm, Magnetic Screw-in Adapter,
  • Plus rack can be used on a Base Rack/ Magnetic VND filter/Bridge Ring ONLY
  • (B) modules can magnetically be attached to work with a square filter holder, matte box and lens hood
  • Lenses of bigger thread size can use Magnetic Screw-in adapters with 86/95mm options to use drop-in options
  • All REVORING products are made using Architectural grade Aluminum, keeping it lightweight and tough
  • Base Rack or Plus Rack (Please check the second paragraph of the description to see the difference between these 2 variants)


H&Y REVORING Swift | Magnetic Drop-in Filter Racks

H&Y REVORING Swift Magnetic Drop-in Racks are built to connect the (A) Base Modules and (C) Accessaries in Swift System. This variant is built with magnetic thread that can be attached to RM or RM-AR work with Drop-in Filters to be compatible with accessaries like Magnetic Matte Box, Magnetic Square Filter Holder, and Magnetic Collapsible Lens Hood.


The base rack can be magnetically attached to REVORING Swift Vari. Adapter and Screw-in magnetic adapter for a wide-angle lens. The Plus Rack can be magnetically attached to the Drop-in Filter Base Rack/ Magnetic VND filter/Bridge Ring ONLY. So it is an additional one for the base rack. So if you wish to use solely one drop-in filter, base it is. Or if you want to use a drop-in filter with the magnetic VND filter, you will need the Plus.

What is REVORING? The Most Convenient Adapter Ring Ever

What is REVORING Swift System?

The REVORING Swift System is a fully Magnetic Modular Filter System for Photographers and Filmmakers to tailor a system for his/her own needs.  It is comprised of a 100mm Filter HolderCircular FiltersSquare FiltersDrop-in FiltersClip-on FiltersMatte Boxes, Hoods and Caps, ALL-IN-ONE. The Swift system saves you a great amount of installation time saves you a lot of money from buying filters & step rings, and allows for countless filter combinations & creative possibilities.



The REVORING Swift System can be divided into 3 layers (🇦 BASE , 🇧 Bridge & 🇨 TOP ACCESSORIES). The 🇦 BASE layeris our REVORING, allowing you to use the entire system on any lens thread. The 2nd layer is the 🇧 BRIDGE, you can decide the components (VND, Drop-in filter or just a Bridge ring) based on your filter needs. The top layer is the 🇨 TOP ACCESSORIES. You can choose to add either the Square Filter HolderMatte Box or Hood. The 3 layers can be magnetically attached to each other, making installation extremely easy.


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Clip-on Magnetic Filter Holder for 100mm Filters

The Swift Clip-on Filter Holder is the holy grail for landscape photographers. Only 3 seconds and you are free to shoot. First, Twist and attach the REVORING base on your lens. Second, Clip the Filter Holder and the bridge ring onto the REVORING base. And third, Snap your 100mm Square & Rectangular Magnetic Filters on. You will forget about the cumbersome setup of your previous slot-in filter holder and wonder ‘Why has this never been done by anyone before?’

magnetic filter holder cap has also been developed to protect the filters while you are on-the-go.


Magnetic Mini Matte Box

The Swift Mini Matte box is featherlight and weighs only 139g / 0.3lbs. It can be easily balanced on gimbals and drones.  It helps to shield the top, block stray light and minimize lens flare. The Matte Box is independent to the Drop in Filters or the VND so that you can mount the Matte Box, only when it is needed. Simply Clip the Matte Box onto the VND / Drop in Filters and you are good to shoot.

Collapsible Lens Hood

The Swift Collapsible Magnetic hood is added to the system for photographers to reduce lens flares and reflection.


 Drop-in Filters| REVORING Magnetic Variable Adapter | H&Y Swift Clip-on Filter Holder | H&Y Collapsible Lens Hood | Swift Screw-on Adapter for Wide Lens 



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