H&Y K-Series Magnetic 100mm Adapter Ring for Nikkor 14-24mm Z F/2.8 S


  • Adapter ring specially designed for Nikkor 14-24mm Z F/2.8 S to fit in the K-series holder
  • With CPL/ Without CPL option
  • Oil/water-proof & double-side coating
  • Three H&Y magnetic frames can be stacked without vignetting (without CPL)
  • Vignetting is possible with the usage of CPL at 14mm




K-series | Adapter Ring for Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8 S


There are 2 versions of Nikkor 14-24mm adapter ring:

  1. The adapter ring compatible with CPL option is susceptible to vignetting when the focal length is set to be 14mm;

2. the adapter ring without CPL is free from vignetting with 3 filters stack magnetically in the front.

Magnets on both the holders and filter frames to retain the filters by magnetic force

Engineered to Last

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Lightweight & Solid
  • Much thinner than conventional slot-in filter holders (i.e. vignetting free)
  • Precisely engineered with matte black anodizing finish
  • Corrosion-free & long lasting
  • Gapless design allows NO light leak
Time & Trouble Saver

Using Nikkor 14-24mm Z on the K-Series holder to your lens couldn’t be simpler. In fact, we have put together a short video which will demonstrate that within 30 seconds, you can finish your setup and ready to shoot.

One-snap, Filter On

You are allowed to slide to take all filters out together, stack filters together first in your favorable before snapping them on holder, and snap them at ONCE on the filter holder.

Nikkor 14-24mm

Once you experienced the magnetic convenience, NEVER will you miss your old slot-in system again. 

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