Revolutionary – H&Y REVORING Swift System

After 2 years from time REVORING was brought to the public, H&Y raised more than USD 700,000 on Kickstarter to bring the REVORING to life. There were users’ feedbacks that the REVORING cannot meet all their content creation needs. We heard you and therefore today, we are back with the most revolutionary filter system ever designed for both Photographers and Filmmakers. Introducing H&Y REVORING Swift system, the World’s First Magnetic Modular Filter System with variable step rings.


REVORING is simply the world’s most advanced step ring adapter made for a camera lens. The variable blade technology gives any camera system user the ability to use 1 single filter on EVERY lens, without the need for multiple-step rings.  Simply twist, attach and turn.  No more annoying screwing in.  No more additional filters. We are now incorporating the REVORING technology into the new SWIFT filter system and you can now use only 1 filter system on EVERY single lens of yours.

What is REVORING Swift System?

The REVORING Swift System is a fully Magnetic Modular Filter System for Photographers and Filmmakers to tailor a system for his/her own needs.  It is comprised of a 100mm Filter HolderCircular FiltersSquare FiltersDrop-in FiltersClip-on FiltersMatte Boxes, Hoods and Caps, ALL-IN-ONE. The Swift system saves you a great amount of installation time saves you a lot of money from buying filters & step rings, and allows for countless filter combinations & creative possibilities.



The Filter Options that we provide

I am a Photographer!

The REVORING Swift system is a combination of two of the H&Y’s BEST Sellers – REVORING and K-series Square Filter System. REVORING allows one adapter ring to be used on different lenses so photographers only need to buy ONE filter set for all their lenses. Installing a square filter system has never been so easy.  You can snap multiple filters onto the holder at the same time. It does not only save half of your setup time, but it also saves you money to buy multiple filters.

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It is extremely convenient to SHIFT your filter system from one lens to another. This is especially useful when you have a two-camera setup to take pictures of a beautiful sunset with different compositions.  Simply detach the system from the REVORING base and snap it onto another REOVRING. Easy Breezy.

Installing a Polarizer can be tricky with traditional filter holders but the Rear Drop-in Filter design from H&Y removes this hassle. It enables you to quickly install and remove the polarizer without touching the square filters in the front.

  ND64+CPL, SGND0.9 by Jacky Chu.

I am a Filmmaker!

The H&Y REVORING Swift Matte box saves you a lot of set-up time. No more screwing and step up rings. Never waste your time messing around with the setup of your filter system. Utilise the time to shoot. It takes only half the time to install compared to a matte box from another brand. Check below video out.

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Thanks to the help of the REVORING technology, the H&Y Swift Matte box supports lenses from as small as 46mm all the way to 95mm filter thread size, which is more friendly to cinema lenses. The Clip-on Variable ND Filter is perfect for any wedding photographer, Run-and-gun, or One-man band who wishes to keep their gear light and handy. When shooting in sunny weather,  the VND is your best partner to be able to control the depth of field when needed.  If Variable ND filter is not needed for your type of work,  you may consider the Clip on Circular Filter with REVORING combination too.

 Shifting the filter system from A-Cam to B-Cam has never been so smooth.

The Matte Box and the filters (VND / Drop-in Filters) are independent and you no longer need to keep the matte box on, just to hold your filters. Together with the rear drop-in filter design and vast creative filter options, there are a lot of creative filter possibilities.

Time Saving

Money Saving

Goodbye Step RingsPowered by the patented REVORING technology, users can now use only ONE filter system for all their lenses. The drop-in filters and Magnetic VND Filter are designed to be uni-sized and fitted on the REVORING base.  The REVORING features 4 different size ranges and covers lenses from 46mm to 95mm.

Tailored System For your Unique Needs

H&Y REVORING Swift is a modular system that allows you to customise filter and accessory combinations. We offer countless possibilities and great flexibility for you to assemble a system thats works the best with your workflow. This system is extremely versatile and can be used by photographers and videographers.

Creativity Unlock

H&Y provides a vast amount of drop-in and square creative filter solutions for both photography and videography, allowing you to be creative with various filter combinations in your shootings.

  ND64+CPL by Christian Ranger.

Clip-on Magnetic Filter Holder for 100mm Filters

The Swift Clip-on Filter Holder is the holy grail for landscape photographers. Only 3 seconds and you are free to shoot. First, Twist and attach the REVORING base on your lens. Second, Clip the Filter Holder and the bridge ring onto the REVORING base. And third, Snap your 100mm Square & Rectangular Magnetic Filters on. You will forget about the cumbersome setup of your previous slot-in filter holder and wonder ‘Why has this never been done by anyone before?’

magnetic filter holder cap has also been developed to protect the filters while you are on-the-go.

 I already have a set of square filters from other brands, do I need to replace all of them to buy all new H&Y filters?

The answer is NO! You can wrap our Magnetic Frame (100x100mm / 100x150mm) around your 100mm-wide filters from any brand and convert them to be MAGNETIC. A magnetic filter holder cap has also been developed to protect the filters while you are on-the-go.

Rear Drop-in Filters

The Rear Drop-in Design enables a swift change of filters without touching the front. So compared to traditional photography / filmmaking filter systems, the front filters remain untouched while you are changing rear filters.  Simple One hand Operation.

Some filters like polarizers need to be rotated to the desired angle for the perfect effect. H&Y drop-in filters are equipped with a small wheel. Even after the filter is installed, you can adjust the filter angle with ease.

🇦🇧🇨 structure

The REVORING Swift System can be divided into 3 layers (🇦 BASE, 🇧 Bridge & 🇨 TOP ACCESSORIES). The 🇦 BASE layeris our REVORING, allowing you to use the entire system on any lens thread. The 2nd layer is the 🇧 BRIDGE, you can decide the components (VND, Drop-in filter or just a Bridge ring) based on your filter needs. The top layer is the 🇨 TOP ACCESSORIES. You can choose to add either the Square Filter HolderMatte Box or Hood. The 3 layers can be magnetically attached to each other, making installation extremely easy.


First, thank you so very much for supporting H&Y. We do not just treat REVORING as a filter with variable thread. We see it as a system of the future that we can continue to build upon. The new 100mm Filter Holder, Matte Box & VND are just the beginning and this REVORING ecosystem will get bigger and more complete.


We have built a new set, exclusively for anyone who owns a REVORING (with built-in filter).  Please note the REVORING with thread version cannot be used with the Swift system. You may choose our set to start with or you may build your own set.


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