Swift Magnetic Collapsible Lens Hood

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  • Swift System (C) module
  • (C) modules can magnetically be attached to work with (A) and (B) modules
  • compatible with all (B) modules like bridge rings, drop-in filter rack, and magnetic VND filter
  • Built with magnetic thread which works flawlessly with H&Y filters
  • free from vignetting for 24mm up lenses using with RM
  • free from vignetting for 22mm up lenses using with RM-AR


H&Y REVORING Swift | Magnetic Lens Hood

H&Y REVORING Swift Magnetic Lens Hood is built as (C) Accessaries in Swift System. It requires (A) base module and (B) bridge module to work with. The lens hood is built for blocking flare or internal reflection of the lens. A REVORING with VND&CPL with a bridge ring and hood will be super handy for photographers completing the tasks of long exposure shootings. The whole Swift Magnetic system for photography will only take less than 10s to set up completely. It is a perfect match for landscape photographers even in the most extreme environments. The only consideration point of using a hood is that only lenses with 24mm(22mm for wide lens adapter) focal length up will be free from vignetting.


Saving Time

Switching filters from one lens to another could be time-consuming. Our Swift Magnetic System will simply ease the pain by untwisting and twisting, also attaching parts magnetically.



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