H&Y Magnetic Circular Black Mist Filter Kit


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  • 3 grades, ⅛, ¼, ½
  • 67mm, 77mm, 82mm kit available
  • Made using high-quality SCHOTT B270 glass
  • Even light attenuation, double-sided vacuum coatings
  • Include a magnetic black mist filter and a magnetic adapter


H&Y | Magnetic Circular Black Mist Filter


H&Y Black Mist Filter removes blemishes and wrinkles on human faces, softens hard edges and diffuses highlight, creating a dreamy cinematic look on photography and videography creations. 3 grades, ⅛, ¼, ½ , are available. Double-sided vacuum coatings allow even light attenuation. It is a light and portable option for photographers to carry everywhere else with them, aiding both photography and filmmaking work.

H&Y Magnetic Circular Filters


Photographer and Videographers often use it to create a cinematic look with dreamy or moody ambience:

What H&Y Black Mist Filter Can Do for You?

©Seki Kazuya


Black Mist Filter Grades Comparison



Water and oil-resistant coating are applied to make the cleaning process effortlessly easy. As shown in the above testing results, water will dry out and become stinks on filters without water-repellent coating, while water will stay in the form of droplets and still be easy to clean after a long period of time.


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SKU: MC2-82, MC2-77, MC2-67, MC4-82, MC4-77, MC4-67, MC8-82, MC8-77, MC8-67


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