H&Y CPL HD MRC 95mm Drop-in Filter

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  • 95mm drop-in Circular Polarizer
  • Made using high quality SCHOTT B270 glass
  • Even light attenuation
  • Double-sided vacuum coatings
  • Built in rotation wheel for Circular Polarizer
  • Only works with KH100 holder/Swift Drop-in Racks




K-series | Drop-in Polariser

H&Y Drop-in CPL Filter for K-series Magnetic Holder is made of high-quality SCHOTT B270 glass. Double-sided vacuum coatings allow even light attenuation. It can effectively reduce surface reflection, enabling users to take a clear picture through glasses or darken the sky color. H&Y CPL Filter is an ideal option for daily photography.


Drop-in Filters 

Aid of the Use of Rectangular Filters


In addition to our 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters, you can drop in one 95mm circular filter encased in a lightweight aluminium frame. This adds additional versatility when shooting in a multitude of categories within photography and videography by being able to use Circular Polarising filters, as well as solid Neutral Density including 6 and10 stops for long exposure photography and depth-of-field control, all of this is possible while stacking multiple graduated filters using our patented magnetic holder system.

Benefits of Using Drop-in Filters

  • Amazing combinations of filter choices can be made with rectangular filter
  • Easy switch between CPL/ ND/ CPL&ND/ Night Filters
  • Reframing/ recomposing a picture becomes very easy (ND filter can be removed at anytime)
  • Highly rotatable CPL even with rectangular filter installed
Simple Operation

What Our CPL can do for you?
Drop-in Filters Options

Except polarizer, other drop-in choices are available for more convenient shooting!

ND(3-6stops) +CPL

ND (10-16stops)

StarKeeper Night Filter

coming soon



H&Y K-series Drop-in Night Filter |  H&Y K-series Drop-in ND CPL Filter |  H&Y K-series Drop-in ND Filter


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