H&Y Magnetic Circular Starkeeper Night Filter


Helps reduce the appearance of light pollution when shooting at night with your photo or video, removing illumination from artificial light sources such as street lights.

  • Astrophotography filter makes the stars pop when shooting at night with clear skies
  • includes a magnetic night filter and a magnetic adapter
  • German Schott Glass
  • HD and waterproof coating
  • 3 sizes available




H&Y | Magnetic Circular Night Filter

H&Y Magnetic Circular Filters

The H&Y StarKeeper Night Filter is made up of glass constructed by the oxidization of the chemical Neodymium, creating a purple/blue effect that absorbs yellow sodium-vapor, mercury-vapor and yellow light from low CRI LED’s. By absorbing this unwanted light, contrast will be increased and stars will appear more visible and defined – giving you that “pop” when shooting into clear skies at night.

Before and After


More visible and defined stars by H&Y StarKeeper

Photographer: Dibyendu Das


  • 9-Layer Multi-Coating,
  • Optical Glass

Neodymium glass night time filter for Astrophotography

– to makes the stars pop


Water and oil-resistant coating are applied to make the cleaning process effortlessly easy. As shown in the above testing results, water will dry out and become stinks on filters without water-repellent coating, while water will stay in the form of droplets and still be easy to clean after a long period of time.

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